10 Things You Need To Know Before Your First Visit With A New Stylist

10 Things You Need To Know Before Your First Visit With A New Stylist

We’ve all been there. Either they move away... They gave you a horrible cut... They raised their prices way out of your budget… and now you’re moving on to someone new. It’s always weird trusting somebody new with your hair after you’ve built a rapport with your stylist. So here’s 10 things you should know before visiting a new stylist!

  1. Is the stylist licensed or not?  In some places, braiders don’t have to be licensed, but if they’re working with any chemicals, they should have a license.
  2. What days are their busiest? (Never book a new stylist on a high traffic day!)
  3. Are they well versed in your hair’s texture?
  4. Will they be able to do different styles on you? (Check out their IG/Portfolio for braids, curls, and updos)
  5. Do they have a grace period? (If you’re like me and late to everything, this is necessary to know)
  6. Do you need to shampoo and condition before your appointment for braids?
  7. What type of reviews does the salon have online?
  8. What’s the pricing like?
  9. Will there be assistants that you have to tip? (Shampooers, braiders, etc.)
  10. What is the atmosphere like in the salon, and does it cater to all your needs?


Myesha Skye Precious Tresses Brand Ambassador

About the author:

Myesha Skye is a 22 year old blogger and Precious Tresses brand ambassador based in Delaware.  She loves self-help books, astrology and meditation.  She’s a novice yogini and adores hibiscus tea. Myesha can be found on all social media with the user name MyeshaSkye.


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