All About Deep Conditioners and Treatments

All About Deep Conditioners and Treatments

All About Deep Conditioners and Treatments

by Myesha Smith

Prior to me becoming the resident blogger here at, Adrienne had started an “all about” series educating you on hair care basics. She covered shampoos and conditioners but had never gotten around to giving you the lowdown on deep conditioners & treatments. Deep conditioners aren’t a one size fits all remedy. They should always be suited for your hair’s ailment at the time. Whether you wash at home or get your wash done at a salon, you should always include a treatment for your hair.


When your hair lacks moisture after a long wash week it’s important to reach for a treatment with hydrating ingredients and humectants. Treatments like these are most effective when a plastic cap is applied after your application. If you want extra benefits, you can sit under a hooded steamer or hair dryer.

Myesha’s Pick: Long Aid Naturals Manuka Honey & Bergamot Double Creme Moisture Masque

Adrienne’s Pick: Silicon Mix Bambu Treatment


Anything with the words protein or repair in the name means it’s helps to restructure the hair shaft. Protein treatments can reverse the effects of damage but if your damage is too severe it may be in your best interest to get scissor-happy. If your hair is low porosity, I definitely don’t suggest protein treatments for your hair unless it’s severely damaged.

Myesha’s Pick: Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment

Adriennne’s Pick: SheaMoisture SuperFruit Complex 10-in-1 Renewal System Hair Masque

Other Treatments

For those of you who venture out into the world of heat, color, and excessive stretching. Or suffer from dry scalp or thinning hair, we have some recommendations for you!

Color Treated: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Color

Thermal Protection: Shea Moisture Tahitian Noni & Monoi Hair Masque

Scalp Care: Aveda Pramāsana Protective Scalp Concentrate

Elasticity Treatment: Philip Kingsley Elasticizer (It’s a pre-poo treatment)

Thin Hair: Paul Mitchell Keratin Intensive Treatment

Make sure to let us know your favorite deep conditioners and treatments for your hair needs in the comments section below or in the Precious Tresses Hair Growth Challenge Group! Make sure to follow me, MyeshaSkye, and Precious Tresses on social media. Shop Precious Tresses and use my code MYESHA20 for 20% off your purchase!


About the author

Myesha Skye is a 22 year old blogger and Precious Tresses brand ambassador based in Delaware.  She loves self-help books, astrology and meditation.  She’s a novice yogini and adores hibiscus tea. Myesha can be found on all social media with the user name MyeshaSkye.

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