Customer Highlight: Roxanne Faber

Customer Highlight: Roxanne Faber

When did you start your healthy hair growth journey?

I’ve always tried to grow my hair, but didn’t take it really seriously until after I lost my hair due to chemo treatments.

What are some of your favorite hair self care treatments? What is your process?

I keep my hair in protective styles.  Every few months I take my hair down, get it professionally washed, conditioned and trimmed.  I think it is important to let your hair breath.

What are some of your favorite on the go hairstyles?

I was a braid loyal for years. I started experimenting with drawstring ponytails and weaves. I have to say I love the versatility I get from wearing a weave.

What is your favorite protective hairstyle?

My favorite is sew in weaves!

How often do you wash your hair?

I wash my hair once a week, and I use a co-wash product.  I also have a mixture that I use so that my hair can get the care it needs even when I have a weave in. I mix equal parts distilled water, sulfate free shampoo and natural tea tree oil. For the conditioner I use distilled water, tea tree oil, leave in conditioner. I also use make em gelous from Precious Tresses along my hair line and in between my tracks.

How do you handle shrinkage (if applicable)?

I have a super curly hair pattern when I wash.  I use Lotta Body 5-in-1 to detangle.  I comb thru first, from root to end, section off, braid and when dry go back and flat iron.  If I am going to the salon, it is detangled first and then blow dryed with comb attachment and then I sit under the dry for  a few minutes.

How did you come to start using Precious Tresses products?

Well it all started with the genius behind the product Adrienne Moore.  I’ve known Adrienne for a long time, and I watched “her hair journey”, so when I saw that she was formulating hair products to help others on their hair journey I had to jump on it. Being the very first customer is an honor!

If natural, did you do a big chop? If so what was that process like? I actually was natural (no chemicals) just flat ironed, I did do a trim, and I haven’t put any chemical relaxers on my hair I about 10 years.  I do color (not ready to go full on gray), but that’s about it.

What difficulties do you have with your hair? Do you have solutions in place to overcome them?

My hair is thinning at the top, it happens with age I’m told.  Haven’t found a way to slow that part down, but with all my protective hairstyles, it isn’t that bothersome.

What is your nightly hair regime?

Brush, brush, and brush and satin sleeping cap regardless if it is my own hair or a sew in.

How often do you trim your hair?

Every 3-4 months when I am taking down a sew in or taking out my braids.

How do you use Precious Tresses products in your hair care regime?

How don’t I use is a better question lol.  When I am wearing my ponytails, Make Em Gelous is my edge control, my moisturizer and the product that makes my hair shiny and manageable.  Make em melt goes on the tips of my hair. I rub it in to keep my ends healthy. Before any sew in or braid, the stylist uses Make em melt on my ends and Make em gelous on my edges, rubs it in my hair and puts it along the parts or tracks.  While I am wearing a protective style, I use it on my weaves, I put it around my edges and when wearing braids, I use them both on my scalp and in between parts. My husband, and my grandsons all use it as well.

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