Having the Right Tools

Are you armed with the right tools? Hair tools that is. Having the right hair tools can help keep your hair healthy and prevent breakage! Good quality tools are necessary as well. If you’re not sure which tools to buy or when to replace your tools, we’re happy to help! Check out our guide down below:


How to buy

When to replace


Combs should always be a material that doesn’t split (hard plastic/polished wood) with medium to wide spaced teeth.

6 months to a year, when missing teeth, or warping.


Handles should be made with a strong material (wood/hard plastic), Boar bristles should be fresh with no signs of splitting. Plastic bristles should show no signs of warping or melting.

6 months to a year or when bristles start splitting. If you use your brush with a blow dryer replace when bristles start melting.


NEVER buy elastics containing metal! Always buy full elastics with no signs of stretching or breaking.

Although we replace elastics often because we lose them, you should be replacing your elastics every 3 months.

Hot Tools (Flat Irons, Curling Irons)

The best hot tools are often plated with ceramic, titanium, or tourmaline. Research to determine which one would work best for your texture of hair.

Depending on the quality and how often you us them, hot tools should be replaced between 2 and 7 years or when the plates start to show signs of burning or cracking.

Blow Dryers

High quality blow dryers are usually made with a nichrome heating element. Nichrome doesn’t melt at high temperatures so it’s ideal for blow dryers!

Blow Dryer replacement also depends on you. Cleaning the vent can extend the shelf life of your blow dryer. But they typically last between 3-5 years.

Notice that we put the heat appliances last.  That’s because you should use them as sparingly as possible.  If you use decide to use heat, bite the bullet and use quality products to protect your hair from damage.

Always inspect your tools to make sure they haven’t deteriorated.  And remember to replace them as often as necessary. Keeping tools for too long can breed bacteria, cause unwanted breakage, or it can even lead to hair loss.  Nobody wants that!


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