Meet Allena

Meet Allena

Allena has agreed to share her hair growth journey with us.  Her hair is natural, but she normally wears it straight.  She’s worn weaves on and off for years because she was convinced herself that her hair wouldn’t grow.  When I told her that I was starting my company and developing my own products, she volunteered to be a product tester.

In March, Allena got a big trim.  Here she is in her “before” picture.  She didn’t take a back shot, but you get the idea of her beginning length.


The first thing that I told her is to try protective styles.  That’s how I grew out my hair.  She opted for individual braids.  Even though she’s worn braids before, she didn’t care for them properly, but she promised she would follow my advice.  I asked her to keep the braids in for at least a couple of months.  Here is her first progress picture from May after following my advice:

She actually questioned why I wanted to take a picture since it hadn’t been that long.  She was pretty surprised to see progress.  The difference between these braids and others was definitely washing her hair regularly, keeping her scalp clean, and using the Precious Tresses products.

Here are update photos from September:

Here is a picture from one year later:

We’re both really pleased with her progress.  I’m not at all surprised, but she is.  She’s back in her individual braids and can’t wait to see how long her hair is the next time she takes them down.

So who’s next?  Won’t you join, me, Allena and the other ladies on the healthy hair challenge?  It starts November 1st

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