Protective Style Prep

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Protective Style Prep

Protective Style Prep

by Myesha Smith

Most women of color can credit their hair growth to protective styling. Whether it’s an abundance of bundles, a sea of braids, or just tying those strands up in tuck and roll styles, protectives styles are very versatile and important in a healthy hair care regimen. While protective styles are vital, prepping your hair for protective styles is also a major key in getting that luscious new growth we all love seeing at takedown time! I’m going to give you 5 quick and easy steps to get optimum growth results during those 30, 60, or even 90 days of protective styling!

Scalp Care

Y’all are probably tired of me talking to you about your scalps, but I’m going to keep emphasizing the point because it is VITAL to hair growth. Before protective styling, your scalp should be cleansed, exfoliated, stimulated and moisturized! If you haven’t read my previous blog post on scalp stimulation, you better get into it, girl!

Trimming (if needed)

Your hair will not grow healthy if your ends are damaged! Protective styling is only beneficial to your hair when it’s all healthy. Whether it’s the standard 8th of an inch or more, you should definitely see your local professional about clipping your ends.

Deep Treatments

Notice how I didn’t say deep conditioning? That’s because your pre-protective style treatment should be suited to your hair needs. If your hair is lacking moisture, a deep conditioning treatment may work for you. If your hair is feeling limp, protein may be the quick fix for you. Heck some time you may need both. PRO TIP: Save the elasticity treatment for your take down.

Make Great Product Choices

Products are key in keeping hair moist and retaining its shape and length. Make sure your products are compatible for your hair’s type and porosity! Precious Tresses is suitable for all hair types and both natural and relaxed hair!

Select a Great Protective Style

Make sure your protective style isn’t strenuous on the hair! It should be comfortable, not too tight or heavy, and cute! If your hair isn’t done by a professional, (don’t front we all got that one family member/homegirl who does hair real good for the low lol) make sure you trust them with your hair and they do a great job!

Now go forth and get you style on, girl! Let us know in the comments below or the Hair Growth Challenge group on Facebook what protective style you’re trying next! We’d love to see. Don’t forget to shop Precious Tresses and use my code MYESHA20 for 20% off your purchase!

Sending love, light, and exponential hair growth. :)

About the author

Myesha Skye is a 22 year old blogger and Precious Tresses brand ambassador based in Delaware.  She loves self-help books, astrology and meditation.  She’s a novice yogini and adores hibiscus tea. Myesha can be found on all social media with the user name MyeshaSkye.

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